We are the soul of the south…

SOUL – Southern – Original – Urban – Lifestyle

Southern – Our southern crew love their area and embrace their surroundings. This also plays on the Americana of our general ethos, as we aim to bring the generosity and high standards of customer service offered in the deep south of America.

Original – We don’t offer standard beer and schnitty meals. We offer an impressive selection of quality brews, hearty whiskies, creative cocktails and sensational flavour matching. Our delicious new menu raises the bar on pub food. Our staff are also original and showcase their creativity through choice of uniform and cheeky nick names, which you can find on their badges.

Urban – The Woodcroft Hotel is forward thinking. We put our own twists on old traditions, and initiate new trends in food, beverage and customer service offerings.

Lifestyle – The Woodcroft Hotel is a lifestyle. When wanting to celebrate or just relax, our customers think of The Woodcroft. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable and it’s our lifestyle.